Valley Interfaith Celebrates in their (Recently Paved) Streets

Valley Interfaith Celebrates in their (Recently Paved) Streets

When Valley Interfaith leader Monse Martinez (in photo, upper left)

first moved into Las Milpas he noticed the roads were in very bad conditions. Says Martinez: "The potholes were destroying our vehicles. But we started to get organized...talking about it in church, holding house meetings and demanding these roads get fixed."

When the residents got their street paved, they organized a celebration where the potholes used to be.

Said Martinez's pastor Reverend Edouard Atangana: "It is part of the Christian responsibility to participate in the life of the community." Leaders of the Los Ebanos colonia are also pushing for a recreation center and a library. To that end, Father Atangana urged parishioners to stay involved in the process. "We want our people in this part of Pharr, especially, to vote."

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